Precision ball bearings

Sale of bearings

Précision Stéphanoise Industrie offers a wide range of bearings and accessories. Among the leading brands we propose, you will find paired precision and high precision bearings, and in particular spindle bearings, sometimes even extremely rare and exceptional.
On-line ordering is possible for professionals, with express delivery or pick-up by you on our storage site.

You can run your research either by manufacturer reference or based on the dimensions you require.

All our on-line products are available and can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

Other services

Our know-how enables us to respond to all other requests during maintenance or construction of your equipment (contact us):

  • Study and production of spindles and mechanical precision assemblies
  • Production as per drawings or model part
  • Disassembly, expertise, replacement of your bearings, static and dynamic balancing, reassembly, testing, running-in
  • Repairing your rotating shafts by rectification, chrome-plating, recharging, etc.

Shortly, we shall also be able to offer you other on-line products:

  • Standard and customised inspection and measurement tools
  • Hydraulic connectors
  • Shrink discs
  • Etc.